Collaborating with Videofactory provides you with a competitive advantage. We spice up your communication with a creative touch of innovation, to make you stand out from the crowd. Being empathetic business accelerators, we push multiple envelopes, and always start from your story.

Above anything else, we communicate with people, as people. No matter what industry you’re in, the applause will be yours. (And the coffee's on us.)

How The How

We have a perfect team in-house, that would love to rock your boat forward. By joining forces we engage the creative community's finest talents. Vision, enthusiasm, technology ... you catch our drift.

We need a John and a Paul, a Mick and a Keith, a Thelma and a Louise. That’s when the magic happens. Remember, 1 + 1 is never 3, but always 11.

WH   T


We are much more than a video factory.

Yes, we recognize and command the power of video. But our quests for impact can go anywhere. You’ll need to be able to go that extra mile. A cutting edge digital/hybrid event, a dynamic e-learning course or an interactive
video experience? 

We’ve got it. And so will you.

WH   ’S


Videofactory consists of actual people. 

Why not get to know them? →

the proof of the pudding

We’d like to show you an impressive list of companies and people we worked with. Due to confidentiality issues, we cannot name all of our clients. Then again, if you Google the keywords below, you’ll get an idea.

Ron Maes

+32 475 61 19 70

Junior Bosiers
Managing Partner

+32 486 71 98 34

Marie Vernimmen
Project Manager

+32 485 57 28 30

Lena Coenjaerts

+32 471 88 46 71

Stijn Coppens
Account Manager

+32 487 24 82 50‬

Nico Geerts

+32 486 22 68 68

Frederik Van Helleputte

tel:+32 486 43 43 39‬

Sofie Engelen

+32 477 60 71 70

Hanne De Meyer
Project Manager


Maxim Gerin


Georgi Tonchev


Lauren Vertessen
Project Manager

+324 95 54 98 10

Elien Finck
Event Manager