Hapyak service center powered by Videofactory

J&J has chosen Hapyak as thé platform for all of its interactive videos, because of the platform’s complete Brightcove integration, as well as its multiple user advantages.

Support on this platform is in high demand. Therefore, we are happy to guide you and your agencies in any way that suits your interactive video needs.

Yes, help me out!

Not familiar with interactive video yet?
Contact us for a free 60min inspiration session to see how we can lift your campaign with the magic of interactive video.

Whether it’s technical platform support, interactive video programming, or even a complete video production … we can help!
We have Hapyak expertise in the production of video localizations in different languages, making dashboards and gathering statistics for every click.
It doesn’t matter where you are in your interactive video process: we can hop in at every stage, to provide you with the guidance and support to deliver a beautiful interactive video experience.
Whether you need just one video or a complete series, we have the knowhow and a well-trained team to cover every base.